Taking art into schools

So, I’ve been doing art classes in schools for a while now. But that was before I took time off (2 years of it!) to have and bring up my son. And it’s only fairly recently I’ve got all official and decided to call myself “WeHeartArt”, and get a website and all that stuff. Plus, when I did the art classes before, I lived in Manchester. So when I started doing art classes at a local primary school this Autumn, it very much felt like a fresh start. I also felt a little rusty, and like the full implications of having 22 highly enthusiastic 6-8 year olds under my supervision might be a bit overwhelming! So I did the best thing I could think of – just planned loads of really fun art activities as throughly as I could for them. And it worked out really well! The kids were all brilliant – I’ve forgotten just how much I enjoy working with this age group, having been hanging out almost exclusively with babies and toddlers for a while! They were really enthusiastic and clearly loved been allowed to let their creativity loose! Lots of them took my ideas for what to do and really ran with it and changed them into their own thing which I always love; that’s my idea of a perfect outcome, as it shows they are using their own creative imaginations and not just relying on me to do the creative thinking part.
We had 6 weeks of hour long classes, and I did my best to pack as much into that time as I could!
Week 1: 2 Halloween themed paintings – one crayon resist spider picture and a sponge painted bat stencil picture.

Week 2: 2 Firework night themed pictures. One collage of an exploding firework followed by a crayon rubbing from the collage.

Week 3: A project that took 2 weeks on colourful faces inspired by Picasso’s cubist portraits and African masks. Week 3 was all about design…

Week 4:.. was all about making a 3D version out of card, junk modelling materials and anything else I could find!

Week 5: Was Christmas garland decorations with a choice of tree, snowman, present and bell decorations to make. This was one of the weeks where the children got really creative, so we had some Christmas themed jewellery and a wreath, amongst other things!

Week 6: Was a Christmas candle window decoration and a collaged Christmas card.

More images of the work with did available on the WeHeartArt Instagram account

So, that was the first “WeHeartArt” after school art club! The feedback I got from the children was that they really loved it! It’s just a shame that I won’t be able to continue at that school now as they have a maths club coming in to take my place! So if any other schools in the Lincoln area want an after school art club, you know where to find me. Now I’ve shaken off the cobwebs I’m ready and raring to go!